2021 Transfer Week Webinar Series Recap

by | Nov 12, 2021 | Community news, News

We are grateful to everyone who participated in our 4th Transfer Week Webinar Series! The dedication and passion of transfer professionals is remarkable. We are delighted to facilitate these conversations and provide a platform to discuss and debate these critical transfer issues.
Our knowledgeable presenters, panelists, moderators, and participants made this an exciting week of talking transfer. Registrations were record high, with more than 1400 people signed up to attend the series and hundreds attending our bonus sessions to learn about CollegeSource solutions. 

Watch the Recordings

The webinar sessions were recorded and are available to watch on-demand (with captions). You can also find 2020, 2019, and 2018 video archives by visiting our Transfer Week website.
2021 Transfer Week Webinar Topics include:

  • Engaging the ‘Some College, No Degree’ Population: Lessons Learned
  • Advising and Retaining Transfer Students at Community Colleges
  • Transfer Practices Panel: Stop, Start, Continue
  • An Introduction to Transfer Credit Data Management
  • From Transferability to Applicability: Expanding Transfer Opportunity through Statewide Field-Aligned Pathways

Attendee Feedback

  • I thought the format was great! I would love to attend more of these throughout the year.
  • It was great to hear about different ways other schools are trying to make a difference for the transfer population. I took lots of notes.
  • Very thorough information from knowledgeable individuals. Wish I had more time to view in real time but work priorities took effect.
  • It’s great that webinars are able to be recorded and easily available for viewing in case our schedules are such that we are not able to attend or have to leave early to get ready for a meeting. Thank you for doing this!
  • I learned that the more you think you know about transfer students/credits, the more you have to learn. These types of webinars are interesting and very much needed. Thank you.
  • It was very interesting to see what other schools are accomplishing, and how they are using the CollegeSource tools to accomplish their initiatives.
  • I was impressed with the Stranded Credit presentation and the work the presenters are performing at their home institutions.
  • The time allocation was good – enough to cover a large amount of content but not so long that it was tiring.
  • It was interesting hearing the practices of other colleges, how they are engaging students, etc. I very much enjoyed the Transfer Practices Panel as well. I enjoyed the discussion, such as whether there should be common courses or course numbering across institutions (as well as the complexities involved with that idea!).
  • I learned a great deal from the Transfer Practices Panel: Stop, Start, Continue webinar and they helped me to think of points I never considered before. The panel did an excellent job and I enjoyed every minute of their presentation.
  • The level of the information was perfect for me – I have been an acting – then actual – registrar for about 2 and a half years. I have a lot of understandings about the job now – enough to be able to ‘hook’ into the new information/ideas I learned via the sessions. I think it will put me into the ‘best practices’ category for many more things moving forward. The instructors were very clear at expressing their ideas and their slides were great. It was thought-provoking for me.

CollegeSource Transfer Solutions

While the Transfer Week webinars are for a general audience (not only CollegeSource product users), many institutions use TES, Transferology, and uAchieve in their transfer processes. If you heard our products mentioned during Transfer Week and are interested in learning more, feel free to register for a live webinar or contact sales for additional information.