A Response to the Closing of ITT

by | Sep 13, 2016 | Community news, Press releases

A Response to the Closing of ITTIn 2005, when Hurricane Katrina left many students of Louisiana institutions looking for temporary educational homes, CollegeSource responded with an effort to make all the affected schools catalogs readily available to the staff of institutions who wanted to reach out to the displaced students. Just last week, ITT Technical Institute announced it was closing the doors of all of its campuses, leaving tens of thousands of students who believed themselves to be in-progress toward a degree without an educational home. Once again, we are eager to work together with the educational community to do our best for these students.
CollegeSource is in the process of making sure the ITT course and catalog data are as up-to-date and comprehensive as possible. This will make the information available to all current subscribers to CollegeSource® Online and TES® software, but we want to go a step further.
In the next few weeks we will be releasing a free-to-use website for institutions to use in evaluating ITT courses, similar to the TES Military* site released in 2014. Watch this news feed for further announcements.
* TES Military can be found at tesmil.collegesource.com and is designed to allow institutions without a TES subscription to freely access and make equivalencies to military credit experiences, and to publicize those equivalencies through Transferology. (Institutions with a TES subscription can simply access information about military credit experiences through the standard TES interface.) TES Military requires a free account, solely for the purpose of setting a school’s home catalog and for establishing a record of which staff member approved any equivalencies. You can read more about TES military in our previous news articles [1, 2].


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