Adelphi University to Implement CollegeSource’s u.achieve® Degree Audit & Academic Planning Suite

by | Apr 9, 2013 | Community news, Press releases

uAchieve is now in the Cloud - Product Updates - 4.5.1
Cincinnati, Ohio – Adelphi University has chosen CollegeSource’s u.achieve Degree Audit & Academic Planning Suite to replace the existing degree audit and planning system on campus. The u.achieve Suite is a comprehensive degree audit and academic planning solution designed to engage students in the academic planning process, promote advisor collaboration, and enable students and advisors to easily track progress towards degree completion. Jill Glatter, the University Registrar at Adelphi University said, “Since I came on as Registrar, my first job has been to streamline the graduation process and use the degree audit as a mandatory tool, which was not done in the past.  I am excited to work with a product that will instill confidence and trust for both the faculty and students.”
The u.achieve Suite will work in tandem with Adelphi’s existing student information system to streamline administration processes while also providing students and advisors with easy-to-use, web-based interactive audit and “what-if” scenario planning tools designed to help students understand the potential impact of changing majors. “CollegeSource is extremely excited for the opportunity to partner with Adelphi University as they work to gain greater usage of degree audit tools on campus and to help build more consistency and confidence in the audit results. Adelphi University is working hard to improve the overall user experience for both staff and students and CollegeSource is pleased to be a part of such an important initiative,” said Mindy Aufderheide, Director of Sales & Marketing for CollegeSource.
Adelphi University is a four-year, private institution with the main campus located in Garden City, New York and three branch campuses across the state. Founded in 1863 as the Adelphi Academy, the institution quickly grew over the next 100 years with such achievements as becoming the first private, coeducational institution on Long Island. Today the university offers Associate’s, Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral degrees to almost 8,000 students. To learn more about Adelphi University, please visit their website:
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