Announcing the TES® Batch Editor

by | Oct 2, 2015 | Product announcements

TES now includes a powerful editor for making changes to equivalencies in large batches. The editor is found under the Match menu and has several components that are outlined below. Be advised that the Batch Editor is still in testing and some of its features may change slightly over the next few months.
TES Batch Editor
Batch editing has two modes, the equivalency search and the health check report.
The equivalency search allows you to find any equivalency based on the:

  • Course Code for one of your courses
  • Course Code for one of the transfer school’s courses
  • Active and/or Inactive status
  • Any text contained in the public note
  • Any text contained in the private note
  • Date it was created
  • Date it was updated
  • User who created it

Once you see the results, you can edit the equivalencies as a group, applying the same changes to all of them simultaneously. At this time you can change the:

  • Begin Date – the date the equivalency is first active
  • End Date – the date the equivalency is last active
  • Hide flag – show or hide equivalencies from the Public View
  • Public Note – add new text that overwrites anything previously in the public note
  • Private Note – add new text that overwrites anything previously in the private note

The health check report searches your equivalencies for any “home course” (one of your institution’s courses) that is either:

  • Not found in the most recent catalog
  • In the most recent catalog with a different title
  • In the most recent catalog with different credit hours/units

You may then apply changes to each and every equivalency in the data set by putting a new course in place of the old one and/or date capping the equivalencies.
Batch Editor Qualifications:

  • It is in testing, it may change/evolve over the coming months
  • The editor will not allow changes to complex equivalencies (those with more than 1 home or transfer course)
  • The health check will not look for changed/missing transfer courses … yet!
  • Changes to the notes, as indicated above, overwrites rather than appends the new text

We will continue to improve these powerful features of TES in the coming year, but we couldn’t wait to get some of these features out there for you to use. We know that managing equivalencies can be an extremely hard job and we want to make it as easy for you as possible.


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