Are You Certifiable?!

by | Mar 5, 2015 | Community news, Training

CollegeSource Certified u.achieve Degree Audit Encoder We are excited to announce the launch of the CollegeSource Certification program! This program is intended to recognize and reward our most active users with the professional development credit they deserve.
Two types of certification will be offered at this time based on an individual’s training record and experience in their area of expertise:

  • CollegeSource Certified u.achieve Degree Audit Encoder
  • CollegeSource Certified u.achieve Transfer Articulation Encoder

Certified encoders will receive a printed, signed certificate and will be listed in the Support Center. Certification lasts for two years, at which point it may be renewed based on meeting ongoing criteria.
To apply, you must simply submit proof of the following:

  • Training: Attendance at basic and intermediate encoding workshops or, for the TA certification, a transfer articulation workshop
  • Experience: Encoding history of at least two years

(Individuals who have never attended formal CollegeSource training may submit alternate encoding experience history. See the certification web site for more details.)
Our first group of certified encoders will be recognized at the 2015 CollegeSource User Conference & Training Workshop in Boston. We hope you are part of this celebration!
For details and to apply, see our CollegeSource Certification Programs page in the Support Center. But remember: to be part of this year’s User Conference recognition, make sure to have your application turned in by May 1, 2015.