Become a Certified TES Administrator at the Annual Conference in June!

by | Feb 14, 2018 | Training

Get TES Administrator Certified at the CollegeSource Annual Conference.
When preparing for our annual training conference each year, I enjoy looking back at session reviews from previous years. This feedback helps us figure out what sessions to offer, based on our attendees’ suggestions. Normally I focus on reviews for the overall conference and the sessions for which I am the main presenter. One that I haven’t given my full attention to is the TES Administrator Certification program. This is because even though I help present, John Panzica (Transfer Solutions Specialist) and Troy Holaday (President) have been the real stars of the presentations. I decided to take a look and what I found was very insightful.
Quick backstory: In 2016, CollegeSource started offering TES Administrator Certification at our Annual Conference. It kicks off with a 4-hour session where we cover not the how to use TES, but the why. I asked Troy how he would explain the value of this to a user and he said, “TES administrator certification is not about learning how to use TES. We assume you already know how to perform any number of critical tasks in TES and/or that you supervise people who possess those skills. This certification program is designed to provide you with the why—the theoretical underpinnings that no amount of hands-on experience will give you.”
The format of the training is much like a small college course. CollegeSource employees provide the main lecture, but much of the learning comes from the group discussion:

“I found it all useful but it was nice to get opinions and input from other institutions.” —Kimberly Mayfield, Indiana University, 2016 Administrator Certification Class

“I thought the tips & tricks brought up by questions from other users were helpful. Detailed review of TES features was helpful, too.” —D’Ambra Amaro-Mendoza, Sierra College, 2017 Administrator Certification Class

Like students who were in the same classes in college, you could see the TES Administrator Certification class mingling and networking over the course of the conference. The initial session allows you to connect with 20+ users on the first day and is a great start to connecting with other users tackling the same challenges.
In two years, 47 individuals from 37 different institutions have completed certification. The certification is good for two years and can be renewed. So, Class of 2016, you might want to think about gathering your recertification material!
Click here for more information regarding TES Administrator Certification at the 2018 CollegeSource Annual Conference. We hope to see you there!

Are you still trying to figure out the how in TES?

We recommend the new TES Basic Certification, an online intensive workshop held over two half-days from the comfort of your own desk. You’ll get hands-on instruction and exercises to complete that result in certification. Click here to view the current offerings for the TES Basic Certification course.