CAB Spotlight: Aleta Carlberg

by | Aug 23, 2016 | Community news

CAB Spotlights help you get to know the current Client Advisory Board members. The CAB serves as a liaison between CollegeSource and the community of professionals using CollegeSource software to maximize the higher education experience. Each spotlight is presented in a “Q&A” interview style and provides insights into CAB members’ institutions, what they are passionate about, and their perspective on issues within the higher education community. Additionally, CAB members may share anecdotes, tips and/or advice, and what they have learned from being on the CAB. We hope that these articles give you a new way to connect with the CAB and appreciate why each member was selected to represent our user community. 

In the Spotlight: Aleta Carlberg

Aleta is the Associate Director of Records and Registration/Associate Registrar in the Office of Records and Registration at the University of Illinois at Springfield. There she oversees the areas of graduation and degree audits, and also serves as the university’s NCAA certification officer. She has been with the University of Illinois for 10 years. University of Illinois – Springfield is a Banner SIS institution that utilizes TES, Transferology, and u.achieve. Prior to University of Illinois, Aleta worked as Assistant Director of Admissions/Transfer Coordinator at Western Illinois University.
Higher Education Conferences
Reflecting back over your years in higher education, what do you think has changed that may not be apparent to an “outsider” or to someone who has just joined the community?
How far higher education has come! It has moved from being strictly paper-based to being paperless, really in just the last 10-15 years. Everything from catalogs, applications, grade reports, and degree audits are no longer being produced on paper. What you used to be able to touch and hold, you now just look at on a monitor, tablet or phone. Communication has gone from going through the postal service to being sent via email.
What is the best thing about your job? The most challenging thing? What strategies do you use to become more productive/efficient, to give better service, or to keep your job fresh?
The best thing about my job is seeing students achieve their dream of earning a degree. The most challenging is having to tell students “No” or that they are not going to graduate. The strategy I use the most is trying to always remain positive and to end everything on a positive. Even is something doesn’t come out the way you intended or wanted, always try and find a positive.
Why CollegeSource? What do our products do for you that is critical to you and your students’ success? How are the products used well at your institution? And what are the opportunities you have yet to tackle with them?
CollegeSource provides user-friendly products and is always looking for ways to make their products better. By using Transferology and DARwin, our students, faculty and staff have an accurate picture of what is needed to complete a degree. If a student is going home for the summer and wants to take summer classes to transfer back, Transferology will guide them to the courses they can take at their local community college. We are in the process of upgrading from DARwin to u.achieve. By completing the upgrade, our faculty, staff and students will have an even more user-friendly tool to use to help simplify the path to graduation.
What is something fun that the community might want to know about you?
My son just completed his first summer tour on the national high school rugby team. He had the opportunity to play in Colorado and Vancouver, British Columbia. He will be a junior at Pleasant Plains High School and plays football. He plays rugby on a local club team. He hopes to go on and play rugby in college and make the national team.
Do you participate in any associations, industry conferences or online groups? How does interacting with your peers from other institutions help you perform your job more effectively?
I am a member of ACPA, NASPA, NACADA, AACRAO and IACRAO. By interacting with my peers from other institutions, I am able troubleshoot and often times stay ahead of difficult issues and situations by learning what others have done.
What advice can you offer first-time attendees at the CollegeSource annual conference, or to users trying to decide about whether to go?
The annual conference is much more than a conference. It is a workshop, conference, networking opportunity and so much more all rolled up into one. Do not be afraid to ask questions. The CollegeSource staff and CAB members are there to help. If you have to choose between sessions offered at the same time, don’t worry. After the conference the presentations will be available. The presenters contact information is given so that you can contact them if you have any questions. Plan to learn A LOT and have fun at the conference! You will make lifetime friends and become part of the CollegeSource family!
What have you learned about being on the CAB? Why might you encourage others to apply?
By being on the CAB, I have learned to never be afraid to ask questions or ask for help. Whether it is CollegeSource or another client, someone is always there willing to assist. Also, don’t be afraid to reach out and help others, it is a two-way street. There is not a better way to meet people than to become involved. By being a CAB member, you have the opportunity to meet people from all across the country. CollegeSource is more than a vendor, they are family!
What initiatives are the CAB working on now about which you can share insight or progress?
We have begun a “buddy system” with new clients. At the 2016 CollegeSource Annual Conference it was decided to assign a CAB member to each new client that was coming on board with CollegeSource software. We are starting with u.achieve and may then spread it to the other products. I have become the CAB Buddy for Boston College and Chris Shell is the CAB Buddy for Ramapo College. We are hoping to assist new clients by giving them a chance to ask questions of current clients and to help educate them on everything CollegeSource has to offer.


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