Coming Spring 2022: uAchieve 5.0

by | Aug 13, 2021 | Product announcements

uAchieve 5.0 release
Each year during our annual conference, we take time to provide insight into what we have been working on and where our products will be heading in the future. In case you missed it, some big announcements were made at the CollegeSource Virtual Conference in June. Next spring, the 5.0 version of uAchieve is slated to be released, and it will include major enhancements, new features, and product integrations.
So, what exactly can you expect from uAchieve 5.0?

Whether your instance of uAchieve is in the cloud or hosted on your own servers, those who upgrade to uAchieve 5.0 will see several benefits, including the following:

uAchieve-TES Integration
The new uAchieve 5.0 integration with TES allows users to process transfer in uAchieve while also leveraging the information resources and evaluation workflow from TES. For example, from uAchieve screens, a user can search TES for course descriptions and other related course information relative to a student transcript. This information can then be used to make an equivalency “on the spot” in uAchieve or initiate a request for evaluation by a faculty evaluator with the appropriate rights in and access to TES. For more details, check out the uAchieve-TES Integration session from our virtual conference.

A Brand New Planner
Even though the software will be new, the goal of uAchieve 5.0 Planner is still the same: to allow students to plan their entire academic career in a term-by-term format and provide institutions with the necessary analytics needed to predict future course demand. In this new version, schools will no longer need to build roadmaps as a middle step between an audit and a plan or maintain them when the curriculum changes. Instead, they may utilize a small number of new 5.0 encoding fields within uAchieve to help the Planner algorithm determine when a requirement or sub-requirement should ideally be fulfilled in a student’s academic career.

As an added bonus, this algorithm allows plans to be auto-created for students using degree audit data such as declared major, earned courses, etc. These auto-created plans will provide insight into basic questions students may have, including max credits per term or the desired graduation date. Students can still modify plans that are auto-created, save them, and check them against the audit, and they can have multiple plans, with one identified as “declared.” Another major change in the new version of Planner is the elimination of the drag-and-drop functions which will greatly improve the Planner’s accessibility. For more information, please watch our virtual conference session uAchieve 5.0 Planner Development Updates.

5.0 Interface: A New Look and Feel
The new user interface’s responsive design makes it both mobile-friendly and suitable for desktop platforms without the need for entirely separate applications or multiple installs. Colors and fonts will be improved for readability and accessibility while retaining the same familiar layout and user experience. In addition, all buttons and functionality will remain in the same place to allow for a simple transition to a new and improved, sleek design.

Stay Tuned!
uAchieve 5.0 is currently being tested in a beta version with select clients and, while it’s too early to set an exact release date, we anticipate it becoming available in Spring 2022. In the coming months, we will include updates in our newsletter on how beta testing is progressing, more information on the details of the new version, and updates on a projected release date. In the meantime, if you would like more information, take a minute to watch the uAchieve Updates and Product Roadmap session from the CollegeSource Virtual Conference, which provides a general overview of the coming release.