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Two-step verification is soon to be required for increased account and data security 

2023 has proved to be an exciting year in development for CollegeSource. Thirty-two enhancements were made to TES, the Transfer Evaluation System, including the recent addition of view, copy, and paste functionality to help make password management easier. As 2023 draws to a close, the TES Team is working to finish and roll out a few more enhancements, one of which will make TES user accounts more secure through multifactor authentication (MFA). 

What is multifactor authentication?

Multifactor authentication – also known as “MFA” – protects a user’s account – and the data within – from unauthorized access if the user’s password becomes stolen or compromised. It introduces a second verification step to confirm the user’s identity; in the case of TES, users will be prompted to enter a six-digit code sent to the email associated with the individual’s account.

When is it coming to TES?

TES will start requiring multifactor authentication for sign-in beginning in early January. An announcement will be posted to TES, giving users prior notice of the date it will start being required.

Since roll-out will occur between semesters, CollegeSource recommends that TES Administrators share this article with all TES users at their institution, so users who are away for the winter break are prepared to start using MFA when returning to campus for the Spring semester.

What to expect when logging into TES

Verification code

When logging into TES, users will receive a prompt indicating that CollegeSource sent a one-time verification code to the individual’s registered email. Instructions will appear on the screen to guide the user through retrieving and entering the six-digit code. Users will have 5 minutes to retrieve and enter the code but can request a new verification code sent via email if the previous one expires.

Remember this device?

After entering the code, users must indicate whether the device they are logging in under should be remembered as a secure device. If they select Yes, additional two-step verification will not be required for the next 90 days when logging into TES via this same device. Two-step verification will be required upon the next login from the device if they select No. Upon submission, users will be redirected to either their default home page or the main TES home page. It is important to note that each time a user logs into TES from an unrecognized device, MFA will be required.


The TES Support team is happy to answer questions about the roll-out of multifactor authentication in the application. Please reach out via email at [email protected] or via the Help button on any page in TES.

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