Conference Feedback

by | Jul 1, 2014 | Community news, Training

Conference Feedback
We have been getting a lot of emails about the conference and “Wow!” They have been very positive, as were the evaluations handed in at the end of the conference. I wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who gave us feedback. We are really pleased that you had a great time and found the conference so useful as a higher ed professional and user of our cell phone spy 7 day trial software. Right after the conference I know the staff is completely drained and your feedback plays a big part in recharging our batteries.
Here are some excerpts from user emails and evaluations.
Thanks so much for the great conference this year! I was very fortunate to be able to attend and bring back very good information to UMD. As I’ve told your colleagues, it was also nice being able to put faces to names and to thank everyone for all the help they have given our institution.
— Sarah Hatfield, University of Minnesota, Duluth
I just wanted to let you know again how fantastic this past User’s Conference was and how much I learned. I am working on creating a ton of initiatives for our school based on what I learned and what is coming down the pipeline with TES and Transferology. For a school without much of the software that larger schools have…CollegeSource is making our lives so much easier. Our mantra this year has been “Work Smarter, Not Harder” and this investment of both time and money has been and will continue to be the epitome of this phrase. I want to thank you and your colleagues for providing such excellent service consistently and for being so willing to hear feedback on what we would like to see moving forward. Never have I interacted with a company where the users are constantly asked what we would like to see in our products and for being willing to act on our “Wish List.” I know it’s not always positive or encouraging as you all work through those kinks…but freeware spy software I wanted you to know how grateful we at OCU are for CollegeSource and efficiencies the products are affording us.
— Jenni Lloyd, Ohio Christian University
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It was another successful conference for us in that we learned a lot and made some really great connections. Last year was my first conference and I have to say, that both years have exceeded any other conference I have been to, and I know you get that feedback a lot. You do a great job at balancing work and learning, with fun and networking! mobile spy articles
— Brandy Reeves, Utah State University
If you attended the conference and didn’t get your evaluation turned in before you left, it’s not too late! We would still love to hear your thoughts on the conference, positive or negative. You can use the online evaluation or download the PDF evaluation form. If you use the form, scan and send it to je******@co***********.com or mail it to Jennifer Wright, 1327 E. Kemper Rd. Suite 3000, Cincinnati OH 45246.