Congrats to our first TES Basic Certified Clients!

by | Jan 12, 2018 | Community news, Training

Last fall we launched our first TES Basic Certification course. This intensive online workshop is held monthly over two half-days, with hands-on instruction and exercises to complete. Topics covered throughout the course include training on: Course Finder, User-Added Courses, Equivalency Manager, Batch Editor, Reports, Public View, and more!
Having completed our first class, we are happy to announce the following clients have been awarded TES Basic Certifications:
Congrats to our first TES Basic Certified Clients!Nancy Ayers, Northwest Nazarene University
Kristi Bagstad, Clarke University
Kelsey Bourne, Webster University
Sandra Carrillo, San Francisco State University
Rebecca Carter, Cuesta College
Natasha Carter, University of Texas-San Antonio
Maricella Garza, McHenry County College
Marie Gerhardt, SUNY College of Agriculture and Technology at Cobleskill
Heather Gustafson, Wayne State College
Sarah Hatfield, University of Minnesota Duluth
Laura Jordan, University of Baltimore
Kenegunda Miller, Bismarck State College
Jenna Olson, University of Nebraska at Omaha
Sam Pray, Indiana University- Purdue University Fort Wayne
Rafael Quiroz, Saint Louis University
Sara Ricklefs, Eastern New Mexico University
Vanessa Rivera, St. Francis College
Ryan Steffy, University of Baltimore
Leslie Turner, St. Francis College
Cindy Williams, Northwest Nazarene University
Scott Ziolko, Columbia College
Looking to become certified in TES? Don’t wait! The next TES Basic Certification course will be offered on January 23-24. To register and view upcoming certification course dates, visit our website. In addition to the monthly TES Basic Certification course, you can also become a certified TES Administrator at the Annual Conference! The TES Administrator Certification is only offered at our conference each year. For more information, visit the 2018 CollegeSource Annual Conference website.