Congratulations to the new CAB Members!

by | Feb 8, 2013 | Community news

Congratulations to the new CAB Members!Join us in welcoming Lesa Lawson, the Director of Academic Records at Baylor University, and Aleta Carlberg, Associate Director of Records/Registration at University of Illinois Springfield, as the new members of the CollegeSource Client Advisory Board (or “CAB”)! We believe Lesa and Aleta will be a strong voice for the user community over the next two years and we, the staff of CollegeSource, look forward to working with them. Please take the opportunity to introduce yourselves to our new CAB members at this year’s conference or perhaps by email. The Client Advisory Board contact information can be found in the Support Center.
CAB members have an important job. They provide a user-perspective on CollegeSource goals and software, filter and organize feedback, help us solicit user presentations for the conference, and generally serve as the users’ advocate.
We had a number of qualified, interested individuals who had a lot of great reasons for wanting to participate in the CAB. This, coupled with our interest in obtaining a diversity of perspectives (small vs. big school, public vs. private, voices for each product, etc.) made the choice very difficult for us and for the current CAB members, whom we consulted with throughout the process.
If you are interested in joining the CAB, watch this newsletter. CAB members serve a two-year term. We stagger the terms so that a position or two that comes open each year.