Course Outline and Tag Migration Now Possible in TES®

by | Sep 30, 2015 | Product announcements

For those systems and states that employ course tags in TES, they can now easily be migrated from one catalog year to the next. The same is true for course outlines.
Course Tags are user-defined attributes that can be attached to courses and may be used for marking general studies categories, learning outcomes, and other broad indicators. CollegeSource reserves tags for use by system-wide or state-wide efforts.
Course Outlines are documents developed at the department level for describing how all sections of a particular course should be taught (more abstract than a syllabus). The course outlines feature may be used by any institution to attach these documents, in PDF form, to courses.
The new migration tool is found in the upper right hand corner of Course Tags and Outlines screen, which may be found under the Match menu.
Course Outline and Tag Migration Now Possible in TES®


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