Did U Know?

by | Jul 28, 2012 | Training

  • It’s easy to customize your TES® password and “home” page.New Online Training with uAchieve — Transfer Articulation (TA)
    To change your TES password: log in, select Manage and Change Password, then select your new password. To choose a new “home” page: select Manage and User Preferences, and choose the screen you prefer to see each time you log in.
  • You can prevent (or at least reduce) timeout errors in DARwin/u.achieve®.
    If you are having trouble with DARwin/u.achieve “timing out” (you get a series of errors after leaving the client open and untouched for a while), leave your audit results window open after you run an audit. This causes the software to continue trying to pull data from the server and prolongs the span between timeouts!
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