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by | Sep 13, 2012 | Training

uAchieve Degree Audit - Product UpdateThe process for uploading course catalogs to u.select® has changed
In the August u.select release, we removed the course catalog import function from www.transfer.org to improve performance. You can now upload your course catalog to our test site (test.transfer.org). After uploading, notify the u.select team at us*****@co***********.com and we will move the courses into production.If you need an account for the test system, contact us as above and we will be happy to set one up.
You can use shortcut keys in DARwin/u.achieve®
Handy shortcut keys make data entry a bit easier in DARwin and u.achieve:

  • F4 gets you in and out of the alternate view (as long as your cursor is in the right place)
  • F5 refreshes your open encoding to the last time the component was saved

For the full list of available shortcut keys, select Help/Shortcut Keys from the toolbar.
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