Did U Know?

by | Dec 6, 2012 | Training

The Alternate View is GONE in u.achieve® 4.1
Functionality that was “hidden” in DARwin sub-requirements is now available without need for an “alternate view.” Sub-requirement screens now include a row of tabs for accessing the functionality without using the Alternate View icon. (In fact, the icon has been removed from the toolbar.)
Where expanded information is accessed by a “more” button (as on the Grade Master Table), there is now a “less” button on the expanded screen to return you to the main screen. F4 will also still work.
screenshot of sub-requirements tab
You can now clone students in u.achieve® 4.1
The clone student functionality has been activated in u.achieve 4.1 to allow you to make copies of student records for test purposes. Cloning students works just like other cloning functionality, just make sure to give your “new” student a unique Stuno before saving.
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