Did U Know? GPA Calculator (u.direct®) & Date Ranges (u.achieve®)

by | Aug 9, 2013 | Training

You Can Now Calculate Desired and/or Needed GPA in u.direct®

The newest u.direct release includes a feature that allows students to enter and track GPA goals for their plans. Students can enter the GPA they would like to have by graduation that is then displayed as the average GPA they need per term to reach that goal. They can also calculate the best GPA achievable based on grades they expect to earn on planned courses.

New GPA Calculator in u.direct v4.1

You Can Copy then Paste Effective Date Ranges in Course Fields in u.achieve®/DARwin

[Tip contributed by the your encoding peers at the University of California Berkeley]
If you are applying date ranges to individual course entries, it can be time consuming and annoying to type them over and over again. An encoder from the University of California at Berkeley discovered that you can copy and paste these date ranges for more quick entry in u.achieve & DARwin as follows:

  • Enter the date range in the Effective Date field.
  • Highlight the entire range once it is entered.
  • Copy the highlighted range using Ctrl-C or your favorite way of copying data.
  • Place your cursor in the Effective Date field where you want to paste the date range. Make sure that your cursor appears as the single, blinking line rather than as a highlighted box.
  • Paste the range using Ctrl-V or your favorite way of pasting data.

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