Free TES®/Transferology™ Service for Military Credit Evaluation to Begin Aug. 1

by | Jul 21, 2014 | Community news, Press releases, Product announcements

Institutions that are interested in doing more to evaluate military credit and publicize related equivalencies will now have free access to a limited version of TES and Transferology. We are excited to contribute this portion of our services and to do our part in ensuring that servicemen and servicewomen get started on the right foot in their path toward a degree.
Webinars are being offered to introduce and demonstrate this new service, the “military edition” of TES, which will go live on August 1st. Schools that do not currently subscribe to TES  must contact us to have an account created. Schools that subscribe to TES but not Transferology, and would like their military credit equivalencies to appear in Transferology should also contact us.
These webinars will be regularly offered throughout the fall to encourage participation. Join us in ensuring that those who give their best in service to our country are in turn given the best our system of higher education has to offer.
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