We’re Hosting a Transfer Week Webinar Series

by | Sep 14, 2018 | Community news

Update: Registration for the 2019 series is opening soon. Look out for the announcement!
While transfer is something that is always on our mind at CollegeSource, the buzz throughout the industry ebbs and flows. Lately, it seems, transfer is a hot topic again! And we’re glad to see people focusing their attention on this crucial area of the educational experience once again. My new favorite saying is, “You can’t talk about student success without talking about transfer.”
Last October, NISTS (The National Institute for the Study of Transfer Students) and NYSTAA (New York State Transfer and Articulation Association) teamed up to kick off the first annual National Transfer Student Week. Perhaps it’s held during October because it’s a popular time for students to think about transfer – we certainly see the most traffic to Transferology.com in October. The two organizations created the themed week to encourage everyone to celebrate transfer students and the staff that support them. How can we resist joining in on the fun?!
This year, National Transfer Student Week is October 15th-19th, and we want to participate by elevating the discussion within our community around the various types of transfer. So, mark your calendars!
Transfer Week Free Webinar Series with CollegeSource
We will be hosting a free webinar series with a range of topics surrounding transfer policies, best practices, technology, etc. Please let us know in the survey below which you’re most interested in discussing and if you would like an opportunity to present on something listed (or another transfer-related topic).
Additional webinar details will be shared once the schedule is finalized. We hope you will join in the conversation (and be sure to use the hashtag #CollegeSourceTransferTalk on social media)! Both organizations also listed resources on their websites to help you celebrate and organize events on your campus, links are below.
NISTS Transfer Week info: https://www.nists.org/ntsw
NYSTAA Transfer Week info: http://www.nystaa.org/national-transfer-student-week/

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