New for 2013: Online Tutorials and Best Practice Guides FREE

by | Jan 30, 2013 | Training

New for 2013: Online Tutorials and Best Practice Guides FREE“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day.
Teach a man to fish and
you feed him for a lifetime.”
~ Chinese proverb

CollegeSource is making it easier for your institution to “feed itself” by eliminating all charges associated with our u.achieve online tutorials and Best Practice guides: effective immediately, all tutorials and guides are free to licensed u.achieve®/DARwin institutions.
We want every CollegeSource client to be successful with our products and believe that getting the right tools into your hands at the right time is critically important to that success. Adding to our history of free training through webinars, we are excited to expand our outreach to include the online tutorial overviews and the more in-depth Best Practice guides for u.achieve learners.
Not meant to replace workshop learning (we still believe workshops provide the BEST learning environment and will continue to offer them), the free options are intended to provide grounding overviews and reference materials for your ongoing encoding journey.
Tutorial Details
Our online tutorials are high-level overviews of the u.achieve/DARwin product including basic encoding and simple, hands-on exercises delivered through a web-based training environment. They are appropriate for anyone new to the product on the functional or technical side, as well as managers of encoders. There are currently two topics: basic encoding and transfer articulation (TA).
Tutorials will continue to be scheduled on a monthly basis and individuals must register for a space. Initially, we will limit attendance to 10 participants per topic per month. Over time, we hope to increase the number of monthly participants.
For 2013 tutorial schedule dates and registration, see:
Best Practice Guide Details
Best Practice guides are essentially the training manuals provided during our workshops minus the exercises. They are searchable, task-based resources for elementary to intermediate encoding functionality for u.achieve/DARwin and include step-by-step “how to” information, where appropriate.
You now have the immediate option to access the documents as online-based PDFs or to download your own version to your desktop. Either way, each licensed institution will have open access to these documents and revisions will be made approximately every two years.
Best Practice guides have been created for basic and intermediate u.achieve functionality, and will soon be available for TA. They are accessible at the following link (support center account is required to see this page):