New Transferology™ and TES® Integration Webinar

by | May 12, 2016 | Product announcements, Training

Webinar for Training Changes to TES User AccountsIf you didn’t read this month’s article on the Transferology 1.5 release, you may not realize that as of May 2nd, a new set of features integrating TES and Transferology was introduced!
Clients with subscriptions to both products can now “kick off” the review of un-articulated courses from the Transferology Lab, sending them directly to the TES Evaluation Tracker workflow. Lab users can also follow the progress of those evaluations, without having to log into TES.
Evaluations may be triggered from the Unknown Equivalencies area in the Lab.This area of the Transferology Lab highlights courses that students have added to their accounts and for which they have specifically sought equivalencies from your institution and gotten a “maybe” result (“Unknown”). By targeting specific student activity, Transferology helps you focus your evaluation efforts on the courses that matter most to students! Currently, you may be trying to evaluate entire catalogs or general studies programs. Trying to guess which courses students will transfer can be inefficient and potentially a waste of time; why not use Transferology and TES to make sure your efforts pay off for you and the student?
Note that this does not create a dependency between TES and Transferology. If you subscribe to only one product, we are not taking you down a path that makes it harder for you to do your job unless you have both. We are, however, trying to make it easier to do your job if you have both! TES is our extremely popular answer to the challenge of evaluating transfer credit from a staff point of view.
Transferology is primarily designed to deliver answers to students about how their courses might transfer in a speedy, easy-to-use, dynamic network that is available around-the-clock. (It is also a great way to capture leads and reduce the time your staff spends on the phone answering questions about the transferability of courses.)
Learn how to streamline your evaluation process and get answers to students about how their courses will transfer more quickly. Webinars showcasing these new integration features will be offered twice each month. The next one is scheduled for May 19th at 12:00 pm EDT.
Transferology™ Lab: TES® Evaluation Integration
Thursday, May 19, 2016 // 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM EDT
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  1. Is the New Transferology™ and TES® Integration Webinar May 12, 2016 by Shelly Jackson, a free Webinar?

    • Hi Robert, thanks for asking – yes it is!


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