Product Updates – July 2013

by | Aug 9, 2013 | Product announcements

Product Updates - July 2013
TES® 3.0 beta
The beta release of TES 3.0 is live. You can check out the new features by following the link offered at the top of the login page. Users are excited about the new date-ranging, duplicate equivalency and evaluation task notifications, improved searching of equivalencies, notes-only groups, duplicate equivalency finder/manager, and more! We appreciate your patience while we apply the final fixes and tweaks before we take the site out of beta. All the changes will be detailed in next month’s newsletter, when we are sure they are in their final form. We would also like to thank you for some of the enhancement ideas we have already received. TES 3.0 is a big step forward for the product and has opened some development doors that have us very excited about features we plan to add in 2014!
The recent release of u.achieve included the following highlights:

  • Support For Java 7
  • Server Processing
    • Limit phase fix (UACH-2733)
    • Adjust phase fix (UACH-2937)
  • Reporting
    • Fixed incorrect reporting of needs GPA when in-progress courses are used (UACH-3081)
    • Fixed problem with GPA calculation (UACH-3072 and UACH 3078)
    • New COM field USECOMNAME=’Y’ (UACH-2528)

For complete release notes, please visit the Support Center: