Product Updates–Transferology™ 1.5

by | May 2, 2016 | Product announcements

Product Updates--Transferology™ 1.5The Transferology 1.5 release on May 2, 2016, consists of 168 enhancements and improvements to the Transferology Lab. The primary objective of this release is TES evaluation integration.
TES Evaluation Integration Features
Institutions with active subscriptions to both Transferology and TES may access the following new, evaluation-request features:

  • Lab users assigned to the new TES Evaluator role may create and send evaluation tasks to TES. Using this new role, Transferology administrators can determine who has access to the feature and exercise some control over the quantity of TES evaluation requests stemming from Transferology.
  • Tasks may be created from courses appearing on the Unknown Equivalencies page or from a specific student’s match results within the Lab. The idea is to help users target the courses from other institutions for which students most want transfer answers.
  • Any Lab user may view the progress of evaluation requests. While the evaluation activity is actually performed in TES, it is viewable in both the Transferology Lab and in TES.

A webinar on the new features was held on May 2nd at 11am EST. You can watch the recording here.
Other highlights in this Lab-only release include the following:

  • Added ability for those schools not using audits to be able to add unique URLs for each of their programs
  • Standardized button colors in the Transferology Lab
  • Find Replacements now uses the index instead of SQL queries
  • Equivalencies for several American Territories are now shown in the Lab
  • Relaxed the strictness of Program file import validation
  • Added date range to Pending Audit Requests page
  • Standardized the UI on the Check Transfer Rules page
  • URL validation
  • Numerous accessibility improvements

Want More Detail?
Visit the Support Center to view the Transferology 1.5 Release Notes.

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