TES® 3.0 User Manual and Webinars

by | Sep 27, 2013 | Training

TES® 3.0 User Manual and WebinarsWant to learn more about TES 3.0? The TES User Manual has been updated to include all the great changes including effective date ranges, the Equivalency Finder, duplicate evaluation task and existing equivalency alerts, changes to the evaluation workflow, and more. The manual is located within TES, under the Support Tab.
Do you learn better with a real person guiding you? New TES webinar dates have been added. Two webinars per month cover an overview of all the functions in TES, and six special topics webinars offer more in-depth instruction on specific functions, such as the administrator role, The Evaluation Tracker, and Groups/Group Reports. All webinars are free and are scheduled for one hour. You can register from the TES main menu by choosing Webinars under the Support Tab, or by viewing the complete Webinar Schedule on our website.