The First Class of Certified TES Administrators!

by | Jul 8, 2016 | Community news, Training

Managing employee transitions in TESThis year at the CollegeSource annual conference we launched an intensive class for TES administrators. Twenty-two individuals from nineteen institutions attended the four-hour pre conference session, followed by a number of required 45-minute sessions throughout the conference, and graduated as Certified TES Administrators!  This article provides a little more information about the training and a list of graduates. Be sure to use the link at the end of the article, if you are interested in this or other TES training and want to be notified of future certification opportunities.
The Justification for Certification
Why is being certified as a TES administrator important?
Most of things we learn in life, we learn by doing. The most common, and often the most useful kind of training is “on-the-job” training. This is especially true in those first days, weeks, and even months of performing a new job. There is no substitute for experience and competence! But attaining practical knowledge of what, where, and how you do a job hardly ever includes stopping to consider why.
Asking, and gaining an understanding of why is what makes you a true professional at your work. Knowing why you do what you do, why you do it the way you do it, why the tools you use work the way they do, adds meaning to your work and will help you work more efficiently. It will also help you develop a vision for the future and secure your position as the most knowledgeable person at your specific work within your institution.
TES administrator certification is not about learning how to use TES. We assume you already know how to perform any number of critical tasks in TES and/or that you supervise people who possess those skills. This certification program is designed to provide you with the why – the theoretical underpinnings that no amount of hands-on experience will give you.
Learning Outcomes
At the close of training, Certified TES Administrators should be able to:

  • Plan and maintain a TES implementation
  • Assess and express TES benefits relative to their own institution
  • Build an effective TES team
  • Understand the fundamental TES processes and data architecture
  • Recognize the potential of TES data and understand the possibilities for integration
  • Weight the benefits and risks of publicly expressing equivalency data

This year’s graduating classes included:
Brittany Ashley, University Of South Carolina-Columbia
Melanie Bowen, Utah State University
Jacqueline Briggs-Jackson, Winston Salem State University
Clarissa Duarte, Maricopa Community College District
Lori Francisco, St. Catherine University
Patti Garnet, California State University San Marcos
Jane Hamann, Eastern New Mexico University
Gillian Heine, Northwest Christian University
Barrett Linam, Louisiana State University
Kimberly Mayfield, Indiana University
Jackie Morgan, University of Wisconsin System
Ruth Nawn, Granite State College
Jean Padronos, University of Nebraska Central
Jessica Parker, Allan Hancock College
Jill Price, Baker College
David Reed , Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis
Brandy Reeves, Utah State University
Paige Ribera, Nevada State College
Jennifer Robinson, Humboldt State University
Dale Sanford, Humboldt State University
Ashley Skelnik, Colorado State University
Betsy Wilcox, Allan Hancock College
Congratulations to all of you! We are so thankful to have you invest in our products to the extent that you want to participate in professional development opportunities!
The most efficient way for us to offer this extensive and intensive training is at the CollegeSource annual conference. At this time, that is the only place/time you can achieve TES Administrator Certification. If you are interested in this or other TES training and/or would like to see it offered at other times and other locations, let us know!


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