The New Website is Launching Soon

by | Mar 9, 2015 | Community news

We are excited to be launching a new design of the website! We’ve been working hard to bring you something that is both beautiful and functional. Our focus was on improving content organization, simplifying navigation, and increasing accessibility. By next week all the updates will be rolled out and you’ll be able to enjoy the new and improved website. The highlights and some of the best new features are listed below. We hope you like it and look forward to hearing your feedback!
-Utilizes responsive design for optimal viewing on a range of desktops and mobile devices
-Clean and modern design, with improved navigation and content organization
-Training section overhauled for clarity and consistency
Specific things to note:
-Click the blue magnifying glass in header to search the whole website
-Quick links to TES, CSO, and Transferology in header menu are always visible/accessible
-Sitemap in footer shows links to all website pages
-Menu contains Products and Training (instead of Solutions and CollegeSourceU)
-Menus include addition of secondary / side menu for better navigation
-Event blocks on front, product, and training pages display relevant/corresponding upcoming training
-Newsletter signup is in footer, always visible/accessible
-Training now organized by type (i.e. Webinar, Workshop, etc. instead of Online or Onsite)
-Webinars (schedule) moved to Training
-View news by category using the drop-down menu. Click the author name to see all posts by that person.
-Events / All Events page now searchable with date range and filters