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by | Mar 14, 2016 | Training

Are you following us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram? If so, you might have watched our latest group of basic encoder trainees on their journey from early moments of overwhelming information to final graduation celebration. My favorite moment: a hug on the last day from one trainee who early on expressed some trepidation about the product but by the second day pronounced encoding as “fun!” And we do try to include FUN in the workshop: we’ve got swag, snacks, caffeine, and chocolate to help the days pass quickly.


CollegeSource Swag & Candy for Questions: We treat our visitors well!

Workshops are definitely an immersive experience as you gather for 3.5 days in our training room to participate in lectures and hands-on encoding exercises. The real learning, however, comes from your ability to ask more in-depth questions of the trainers (and each other) about situations and scenarios at your institution to help you move u.achieve functionality from concept to context. We learn from you, too! My trainer book is marked with new tabs and notes for ways of improving future training.

That must be an exciting topic—we only caught one person checking email…

Lunches and an evening outing help bond our trainers and trainees through social interaction. We enjoy learning about your lives outside both classroom and work environment.

Don Meyers holds court at supper

The following are a few quotes from workshop exit evaluations:

“The training was parceled out nicely and paced well. Trainer was strong and flexible enough to field questions and respond in a succinct and clear fashion.”

“While there were times I felt lost, the instructor was generous with offering
time to fix my situation. Everyone on the College Source team was extremely helpful and courteous. It was a lot to cover, but I feel I will be going back to work on Monday with a few more arrows in my quiver.”

“Everything went very well. [The trainer] did an excellent job and helping breakdown a lot of information into easy to understand and demonstrate ways. Everyone at CollegeSource was very helpful!”


Graduation Day!


Graduation Day!

And don’t forget—training leads to certification! There are a few more opportunities to gather and learn with us in 2016, and I hope to see you at one or more.



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