Time is Running Out to Watch the 2020 CollegeSource Virtual Conference!

by | Oct 6, 2020 | Community news, Training

Access 2020 CollegeSource Virtual Conference - Time is Running Out
Don’t miss out! You still have time to catch up on sessions from the 2020 CollegeSource Virtual Conference. Access to the conference portal is FREE to all CollegeSource software users and includes 30 training sessions from this year’s conference as well as over 60 session recordings from the 2019 annual conference.
This is a great professional development opportunity to further your skills as a TES, Transferology, uAchieve, or Schedmule user and these session recordings will only be available through December 31st, 2020.
Register or login to the virtual portal today to see all available sessions.
In the meantime, check out our most popular sessions from the 2020 virtual conference below:
Supporting College-Wide Retention Efforts with TES
Cohort tracking of new transfer students at Bunker Hill Community College has demonstrated second semester attrition rates between 22% – 35%. Leveraging the use of TES has allowed Transfer and Enrollment Services to implement various initiatives such as transforming evaluation and advising services for transfer students with the goal of improving retention and persistence and enhancing the transfer experience for BHCC students.
uAchieve Course Matching Options- On Beyond Courses
This is a refresher session on how to find and match the courses you need in a sub-requirement, transfer articulation rule, or uAchieve table. We will cover title matching, course lists, course flags, and sub-requirement placement among other ideas for use as your encoding continues to evolve and the course DEPT/Number are not enough.
The Importance of Program Information in Transferology
Students are now able to search in Transferology for certain programs/majors offered by schools that are a part of the Transferology network. Students can view how their courses will transfer to your school, but they also need to make sure your school offers the program that they want to complete. Join this session to learn how to import a file of programs, how to edit programs, and view the program information in both Transferology and the Transferology Lab.