Tips & Tricks – Making the most of Transferology’s Popular Courses Report for the Transfer Specialist

by | Oct 9, 2014 | Training

The Popular Courses report shows all the courses that students have added to their Transferology accounts. A Transfer Specialist can access this data in the Transferology Lab and use it to proactively articulate courses from popular institutions, consequentially resulting in their school appearing on more students lists as they search for places to transfer.
Making the most of the information available in this report will improve your position on student match lists where you already appear and place you on student match lists where you might not have been before. Filters and the option to export make the data even more useful.
The first thing you should know is that the list defaults to your home state, remotely hack a cell phone to 100 items, and to the last three months’ worth of data. Also, by default, your school is included in the list. While seeing the classes from your institution might be of interest, you will not be articulating anything to them, so you can filter them out of the list and see more courses you might be interested in.
Using the filters:
The date filter defaults to a three-month period. Clicking in the date range will allow you to expand or focus that date range to give you the data you want. Expanding the date range will give you more data, and a better overall picture. Condensing the date range can give you more recent or current trends.
Clearing the state filter will allow you to see nationwide data:
Alternately, you could filter for a specific state if you wanted to focus on articulating courses in that region.
Clicking the Rules link will display if you have a rule for that course already or not:
Exporting to Excel/Printing
Exporting or printing the list will allow the Transfer Specialist to work the list without having to worry about getting logged out due to inactivity while evaluating courses and creating equivalencies:
By using this report to target courses that students have taken and for which they are actively seeking transfer information, you can improve your institution’s overall performance in the Transferology match results screens.