Tips & Tricks—TA Incremental Numbering Changes in u.achieve®

by | Aug 4, 2014 | Training

uAchieve 4.5.1 - Product Updates

There may be times when you want a rule to articulate source courses to generic credit to be applied to an audit as your departments see fit. One way of encoding this uses the ANYC character on target course entries. This catch-all rule adds incremental course numbers to the target course to distinguish multiple courses.

Unless an evaluated course is locked (course locking is explained at the end of this tip):

  • In DARwin, the target course number will change with each run (e.g., UNKT01 in this run might be UNKT02 the next time).
  • In u.achieve, sequential numbering resets to 01 each articulation run.

The last incremental number used in an evaluation is stored in TCTLast on the main student record screen. You may reset or change this by overwriting this field, saving the student record, and rerunning the evaluation.

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