Training with CollegeSource Is Still the BEST Way to Learn

by | May 10, 2017 | Training

Training with CollegeSource Is Still the BEST Way to LearnTwo workshops and two on-site training visits have been conducted in 2017 and face-to-face training continues to elicit kudos from our audiences. We offer online training for ease of convenience and cost, but we find that those who come to a workshop in Cincinnati or have one of our trainers on site are consistently better prepared for more advanced training and on-the-job readiness.
Many topical articles (like this one from Your Training Edge) and scholarly research papers (like this one from Victoria University) are available on the web that summarize the advantages of face-to-face training over online learning, including:

  • Better engagement and focus resulting from being away from one’s desk, normal routine, and the expectation of multi-tasking
  • More opportunities for discussion/question and answer in real time
  • More timely and instructive help with hands-on exercises
  • Greater opportunity for networking with peers who face the same issues

Anecdotally, from my own little training laboratory I have observed the following:

  • The time and cost benefits typically associated with online training may not actually pan out! A number of learners pay for the online version of the training, and then attend an in-person workshop a year or so later—sometimes after attending a more advanced training. Why? They missed things during the online training. Maybe they weren’t focused or didn’t ask a question that occurred to them; or they just skimmed the information, but didn’t really absorb it completely.
  • People are more likely to ask questions in person than when going through online training—even when questioning opportunities are given to them through email response or question and answer forums. And questions asked during a workshop are more likely to be answered in a more thorough and expansive manner than those answered online.
  • Learners who attend in-person workshops in Cincinnati are excited to see the other learners and trainers again at the annual CollegeSource Conference—they attend with a built-in set of friendly faces!

If you haven’t had a chance to attend in-person training with us, yet, don’t despair! There are still two training opportunities left in 2017:

Each of these training opportunities also leads to and/or maintains your CollegeSource certification! Hope to see you “in person” at one…or both!
If you have any questions or to discuss a more customized training approach, please contact Ch****@Co***********.com