Transferology Lab: Setting Up Program Requirements

by | Sep 25, 2015 | Training

Transferology Lab: Setting Up Program RequirementsTransferology™ Lab includes a feature that allows schools to connect a prospective transfer student to the program requirements on your campus. Schools that have integrated u.achieve or another degree audit system into Transferology can offer interactive audits that actually apply the transfer courses to the program. The schools that have interactive audits through u.achieve/DARwin can also show the student all the courses at their source institution that would apply, offering a virtual road map to their degree at your institution (providing degree requirements don’t change prior to their transfer to your institution).
But did you know that every school, regardless of degree audit and regardless of the available technical resources necessary, can provide basic degree requirements to every prospective student through Transferology?
This feature has always been available, and now it is easier than ever to implement with the new Manage Programs feature in the recent release of Transferology™ Lab 1.4.
When a School Administrator logs in to Transferology Lab today, a new menu item called Program Setup is displayed. This menu item allows all schools to manage their program information in Transferology Lab. Schools that have integrated audits can manage those connections here and schools that don’t integrate their audits into Transferology™ can add a list of programs offered or links to the program requirements on your campus. translator directory Simply click the Program Setup menu and select Manage Programs and you will be off and running!
The steps below outline how you can add links to your programs, showing prospective students what the requirements will be once they transfer and helping them understand how their equivalencies might apply:

  1. Click the Program Setup menu.
  2. Select Manage Programs.
  3. Click the Create Program button.
  4. Complete the elements in the Program form that opens:
    • Add the Name of your program (required) – for example, BA Accounting.
    • Add the Degree or Program Code at your institution (required) – for example, BAACCT.
    • Set the Status (optional) to Visible (if you want students to be able to click), Test (if you just want to be able to see it in the Lab), or Program List Only (if you just want the students to see a list of the programs that you offer).
    • Set the Degree Type (optional).
    • Enter the First Year Term Offered (required) – 000000 would be the “beginning of time.”
    • Enter the Last Year Term Offered(required) – 999999 would be the “end of time.”
    • Enter a COM override (optional) – only for schools with integrated audits that wish to use an instcd that is different from that school’s instcd.
    • Enter the CIP code for the program (optional).
    • Enter the URL for the program description location on your website (optional) – for example,
    • Enter a Description (optional) – enter a short description of the program, or even just something as generic as “Please click the Program Information link to the right to see a list of the program requirements on our website.”
  5. Click Save.

Using any other term other than 000000 or 999999 will also require that you build that term into the Year Term Conversions table that is accessible from the School Profile menu for the School Administrator role.
Not entering a description prompts Transferology to display the following default message: “There is currently no information on this program,” which can be misleading to the student.
You can follow these steps to add links to all the programs that you want prospective transfer students to see, or to simply provide a list of all of the programs that you offer to transfer students on your campus.
An alternate process of uploading all of this information through an import also exists, eliminating the need to add them one-by-one. If you are interested in importing a file of all of your programs to create a static list or to add a list with links to your website, please review the required file format options.
The Manage Programs feature has always been available to all participating schools in Transferology, but is now streamlined, allowing you to manage it right in the Lab. These features are available to any user in the Lab with the School Administrator role. Read the full documentation on the Manage Programs feature.
There are numerous resources available to you to familiarize yourself with the tool. Check out the upcoming webinar schedule, short video highlights, and free user guides to learn new ways to utilize Transferology.