Transferology™ Tips & Tricks: Recruit and Advise Students

by | Aug 12, 2016 | Training

Transferology provides schools with a strong advising tool, allowing staff to respond to prospective transfer students with a report that is tailored to the student’s courses, matches, and degree programs of interest. Following up on a student lead within the Transferology Lab couldn’t be easier!
The Recruit Students and Advise Students Lists in the Transferology Lab are created when students request information about the school directly from Transferology. When a student submits an information request, the student is placed on the Recruit Students List. Staff with the Recruiter role in the Lab can view the list and follow up with some easy clicks, providing the student with information about campus visits, admissions, financial aid, veteran’s resources, specific programs, and more via email.
If a student specifically requests Advising or information about a particular program, the student is placed on the Advise Students List as well, so that staff with the Advisor role can follow up on the student’s interest.
Student Request Info Box
If you click on a student’s name you can see the courses the student added to their Transferology account.
Recruit Students List Detail
You can also view matches to the courses in a student’s account. This allows you to discover how the student’s courses matched up to your transfer equivalencies and possibly follow up with more/better answers to courses that didn’t find a match.

Clicking on the Match % box takes you to the details of how the student’s courses matched up to your transfer equivalencies.

From the Student Profile, you can also view any programs that the student has checked out. Click on the Programs tab. Then click on the program name in the list to view the program details.

Clicking on a student’s email address in the Student Profile allows you to easily send an email to the student.
Hovering over the Request date displays any comments or questions the student entered when submitting the request for information.

Each lists can also be sorted, filtered, or even exported to a Microsoft Office Excel file.
All of this information paints a picture of the students who are considering your school as their possible new home. It’s your chance to make a great first impression by “listening” to their questions and interests and providing a tailored response!
For Transferology Lab support, or to learn more about these features, check out our help documentation.
Note: This article was originally published August 12, 2016 but was updated for accuracy on October 14, 2017.


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