Two Months Left to Watch Sessions from the 2021 Virtual Conference

by | Aug 24, 2021 | Training


Watch the Replay of 2021 Virtual Conference Presentations

Don’t miss out! The virtual hub for the 2021 CollegeSource Virtual Conference will close on October 31st. Access is available to all registrants and includes over 40 training sessions on TES, Transferology, uAchieve, and Schedmule.
We encourage you to schedule a day or two in your workweek to buckle down, explore sessions, and train with us. Plus, within the virtual hub, the activity feed and live forums are still active. So, have some fun and publish a post for other attendees to get to know you.
If you have already registered for the virtual conference, log into the virtual hub to access the content.
If you have not registered, no problem. The conference is FREE to all CollegeSource software users. Register today to view sessions at your convenience.

Hot Topics at the Conference

What was the buzz at our latest gathering? We asked two of our product experts to share what they heard users talking about at this year’s conference—be it in the networking rooms on Zoom, session Q&As, the interactive forums, or social media.
Let’s hear from John Panzica, Product Solutions Specialist, and Tim Horzmann, Systems Manager and Product Experience Specialist.
What was a big topic of conversation this year?
JP: Evaluation Tracker is gaining momentum. The ability to simplify the evaluation process and document the process is compelling. I don’t think any other tool can provide a streamlined and feature-rich process quite like TES can.
TH: Enhancements and collecting the information off of the transcript! Those really excited users and we saw a big uptick in enhancement requests post-conference.
What were the challenges that users shared?
JP: Doing more with less is always a concern. With pandemic pressures on funding as well as allowing students to move in ways they may have never expected, transfer-related communication is growing in importance.
TH: Overall, I think we had a lot of newbies. It was a learning experience for many newcomers to learn about who we are and what we have to offer.
Did you witness any “a-ha” moments?
TH: The whole calendar system versus the credit system always throws people for a loop. A lot of hope in collecting the transcript data to have a better resource for users to better address how credits should transfer.
What are the issues going forward that must be tackled in higher education?
JP: The big ones in my mind are access and transparent transfer.
TH: Transparency is a big one, but I think training is also up there. We are awesome at training but we need to look at new avenues to address the different needs of staff members at various colleges.
Is there anything else you would like to share about the conference experience?
JP: Everything I have heard has been overwhelmingly positive! We knocked it out of the park, again!
TH: I have heard nothing but good things as well. “Greatest Conference Ever” may be getting old but it still rings true for a lot of users. High Fives all around.