u.achieve® 4.3

by | Jun 29, 2015 | Product announcements

uAchieve 4.5.1 - Product Updatesu.achieve® Suite 4.3
The new 4.3 version of the u.achieve Suite was released on June 15. Suite 4.3 is a major release that addresses over 250 issues and introduces many new features across the Suite.
No more Corda; style your own charts and graphs
With this release we removed the reliance on the Corda software. This reduces complexity in the installation environment and gives users more control over the look and feel of their interactive audit charts and graphs.


TA in Self Service
A new interface for configuring and entering your transfer articulation work is now available in Self-Service. The updated look includes simplified screens, hiding fields that aren’t configurable/used in the current task, and allows TA encoders to work in a web interface instead of installing the client. We look forward to including more of the client features in Self-Service in the future, as well as explore some integration with our hosted transfer-solution products, TES and Transferology.
The following is a summary of improvements available in 4.3.


  • Replaced Corda for charts and graphs with javascript library
  • Enabled the use of Auth Codes on exceptions from the audit
  • Placed new option on Subrequirements to indicate “Hide From Charts”
  • Allow Strong Rule Count Limit (LimHrs) > 99.9
  • Identify host name, IP address, and directory processing audit request
  • Map COM key to InstCD of student’s degree program using new COM variable UseDProgCD
  • Specified Alt Catalog to be used when loading course lists


  • Added new “Encoding” area for maintaining TA equivalency rules in Self-Service
  • Allow multiple SOPRIDs per Group/User
  • Enabled easy identification of “What-If” audits when viewing a list of audits


  • Allow schools with Planning From the Audit ability to plan from complex What-If audits (with associated back-end changes to the database)
  • From a user interface perspective, users now have the ability to post Notes to a Roadmap term in addition to Messages on a Plan

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