uAchieve 2020 Training Survey: Get What You Need

by | Jul 1, 2019 | Community news, Training

Before we wrap up 2019 and finalize our 2020 encoding workshop calendar, we want to make sure we are meeting your uAchieve encoding training needs in terms of levels and dates needed. If you have an existing uAchieve or DARwin installation and think you will need in-person, workshop-style training for new encoders due to retirement, replacement, or backup roles in 2020*, please take a few minutes to fill out this very short survey telling us:

  • The level of training you anticipate needing
  • Your preferred timing for such training
  • What else we can be doing for you from a training standpoint

Fill out the 2020 uAchieve training survey and let your voice be your vote:
*NOTE: If you have already filled this survey out for your institution (via email or Questions)—THANK YOU—and you do not need to do so again.