uAchieve and Schedmule End User Training Materials Make Their Debut

by | Oct 3, 2019 | Community news, Training

In the CollegeSource Support Center, you’ll find new end user training materials for uAchieve and Schedmule (simply click through your product’s page on the Support Center to find training resources).
CollegeSource is continuously looking for ways to make you more successful with our products—with the ultimate aim of helping students graduate! To that end, we’ve put together single-topic materials targeted to students and staff who are not involved in day-to-day encoding but would like tips for planning and scheduling courses.

What’s New

The library includes videos, Quick Reference Guides, and user manuals on functionality for the uAchieve Degree Audit, uAchieve Academic Planner, and Schedmule including:

  • How to read an audit
  • How to run a what-if audit
  • How to create plans for roadmaps and audits
  • How to plan for a better GPA
  • How to create roadmaps
  • How to create course schedules
  • How to add preferences

Materials are available in a variety of formats:

  • Videos can be viewed on our site, linked to from your institution’s website, or embedded into your own site (embed codes provided with each video).
  • Quick Reference Guides can be viewed on our site, linked to from your institution’s website, or converted to PDF files for downloading/sharing.

All materials feature our generic training environment, but you can customize learning materials with your own functionality by downloading the original Word documents for video scripts and Quick Reference Guides attached to each page.

Webinar Walkthrough

And for more tips, we’ll be hosting a webinar on October 17 at 1:00pm EDT to walk through what’s available, show you a few clips, and talk about how you can distribute them to your own users or access originals for customization. Can’t make it? Not to worry—we’ll share a recording following the live webinar.
Note there are placeholders out there for topics we’re planning to produce in the future, and if you have additional topics you’d like to see us tackle, please send them to ch****@co***********.com.