We Can Help You Present on the Successes of Your Institution

by | Apr 13, 2021 | Training

Man by computer presenting - CollegeSource can help you present on successes of your institution

Resources to Help You Share Your Institution’s Successes

Thinking about presenting at a professional conference? We encourage you to share your experiences in finding success with CollegeSource products, and are happy to support your efforts with the following tips and resources.

What are the Benefits of Presenting?

Share, learn, and grow! There are many benefits to presenting, including career development, improving your public speaking skills, receiving feedback from peers, building networking connections, and gaining industry recognition. Sharing your experiences in a presentation environment allows you to grow your skill set so that when the time comes to present internally to stakeholders, you are much more confident all around.
Not only do you benefit, but your peers will find value for themselves in hearing how CollegeSource technology has been implemented on your campus and how it is positively impacting student success.

Choose a Topic and Keep It Simple

Know that your content does not need to be revolutionary. Deciding on a topic can be as easy as thinking through the challenges you have faced at your institution and the methods you used, or attempted to use, to address them. Often failure is as interesting and helpful to share as success. Your peers would be very interested in those details, especially as many are working on achieving similar goals or facing similar problems.
Your topic could be something as simple as your approach to communicating information or how you uncovered unspoken policies for students. You can identify who in your department or organization is responsible for certain tasks, and share any technology platforms that you are leveraging to automate or manage processes.

Get Specific on Process

Never assume that something you know like second nature is the same for others. Your peers could certainly benefit by sharing this knowledge. It is helpful if you outline the steps of your process, going into detail on how you transitioned from point A to point B. By shining a light on each component that goes into your workflow, you will provide valuable information to help others in their own processes.

Design for Impact

There is power in imagery. Include reports, videos, and screenshots in your presentation design that are meaningful to your message—but remember, less is more.
On the same note, by spreading out your content so that there is a small amount of focused information per slide, it will allow your viewer to consume everything much more easily, contributing to higher engagement as they follow along.

Begin with the End in Mind

Now before you start writing, ask yourself, What is the ultimate objective of your presentation? Answer this first and you will have a better idea of what information you should share. Knowing who is in your audience will also help you decide how to discuss your topic.

We’re Here for You

If it is related to our degree completion and transfer solutions, we are happy to help.
We would love to provide general suggestions for your presentation. We are always interested in co-presenting and can provide a staff member to team up with you. CollegeSource can help gather certain types of usage statistics, imagery, or screenshots, and raise awareness for your scheduled session.
To get started, or if you have any questions as you create your presentation, please email us at ma*******@co***********.com. We look forward to hearing from you.
Happy Presenting!