Welcome New CAB Members!

by | Dec 5, 2013 | Community news

Welcome New CAB Members!This fall we opened up three slots on the CollegeSource Client Advisory Board. We received a lot of interest and were definitely spoiled for choice. Each interested person was asked to answer some questions about how they imagined themselves best serving the client base as a CAB member. All the applicants submitted articulate and thought-provoking answers.
The CAB itself, along with a few individuals at CollegeSource, discussed the applications and then took into consideration the type of school, geographic area, and products that the applicant represented. We are proud to announce that the following individuals are joining us for a two-year term beginning January 1, 2014!
Cheryl Muessig
Degree Audit Coordinator, San Diego University.
“This is my first year as a DARS Analyst for San Diego State University, but it is my 18th year performing degree audit magic, and my 3rd institution. I started DARS encoding, in ’95, thinking it had ‘some potential’ to keep me employed. Not only am I still employed, but I still enjoy the work!”
Cem Sunata
University Registrar, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo
“I’ve been serving in my current position since 2009. Before that, I served as the University Registrar at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Looking forward to serve the CollegeSource community through CAB.”
Jennifer Cerneant
Academic Support Systems Specialist, Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana
“Since 2006, I have been the system administrator for all CollegeSource products used at Ivy Tech – DARS (soon to be u.achieve), Batch, u.select (soon to be Transferology) and TES. By serving on the Client Advisory Board, I hope to support and get to know the users of the CollegeSource products.”
Many of you met these outgoing and impressive individuals at the User Conference and Training Workshop in Charleston. We know they will do a fantastic job of helping to guide the company and improve its service to clients.