Adding Transfer Pathways in Transferology

by | Aug 13, 2018 | Training

Transfer Pathways on Transferology helps you publish articulation agreements!
Articulation agreements, transfer guides, memorandums of understanding… whatever you might call them at your school, you can add them to Transferology™ so that students can find and view them. A lot of work is put into the creation of these partnership agreements, both from your school and the partner school. Why not make them widely available to students?
If you utilize TES® for maintaining your equivalency data for Transferology, you can build Groups and Group Reports in TES to mimic the agreement. These reports then get pulled to the Transferology Lab and can be made visible for students. If you have a PDF document of the pathway, you can easily upload the document to the Lab. Pathways will appear next to the Programs tab in your institution’s profile. An icon in the general search results will also indicated schools with equivalency matches that have available pathways.
Adding this information to Transferology will give students the information they need to begin their education at one school and seamlessly transfer to the next school into a particular area or program.
A step-by-step guide for adding a Transfer Pathway to Transferology can be found on our support website.
Also, be sure to attend a free Transferology Lab Training: School Administrator Role webinar, offered each month, to learn more about this useful feature.