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CollegeSource products are developed to integrate with one another and third-party solutions seamlessly. Toggle the rows below to learn more.

TES + Transferology

Together, TES and Transferology ease the routing of courses and proposed equivalencies to faculty for evaluation. Users can initiate the review of unarticulated courses, standardized exams, and military credits from within the Transferology Lab, sending them directly to the Evaluation Tracker workflow in TES. Transfer guides and articulation agreements created in TES are also automatically imported into Transferology for display.

Learn more at the monthly webinar, Transferology Lab’s TES Integration: Gain Increased Efficiency in Course Evaluation.

TES + uAchieve Transfer Articulation

The new TES-uAchieve 5.0 integration makes building transfer rules easier. Users can process transfer credit in uAchieve Self-Service while enjoying the information resources from TES. Look up course descriptions and related course information relative to a student’s transcript. Create an equivalency “on the spot” in uAchieve or send a review to the TES Evaluation Tracker workflow, closing the loop on unknown evaluation results.

TES + uAchieve Planner

The new TES-uAchieve Planner integration is included in the uAchieve 5.0 release. With this integration, TES becomes the source of catalog information within Planner, providing course availability, descriptions, and prerequisite/corequisite relationships. From this data, the Planner determines the optimal placement of courses within each student’s unique path to graduation.

Transferology + uAchieve Degree Audit

uAchieve can provide degree audits and transfer course equivalencies directly to students in Transferology. Accessing degree audits allows students to visualize how their transfer work can help them achieve their intended degree. uAchieve + Transferology together brings students to your door and gives them the continued support needed to stay on track for graduation.

uAchieve Degree Audit + uAchieve Planner

uAchieve 5.0 takes academic planning to a whole new level. With the degree audit and planning integration, student plans are auto-created directly from degree audit requirements. Students can then create multiple plans, with each plan validated against their program audits to ensure the correct courses will be taken at the appropriate time(s) to satisfy degree requirements.

Learn more at the monthly webinar, uAchieve: Degree Audit, Academic Planning, Schedule Building Solution (Introducing the New 5.0 Planner!).

uAchieve Planner + uAchieve Schedule Builder

The connection between Planner and Schedule Builder simplifies scheduling classes. Once students have selected a term in the Planner, they can then push courses with the click of a button into Schedule Builder. Potential schedules are auto-generated for students based on availability and preference. Together, Planner and Schedule Builder provide students with short and long-term planning tools.

Learn more at the monthly webinar, uAchieve: Degree Audit, Academic Planning, Schedule Building Solution (Introducing the New 5.0 Planner!).

Additional integrations

TES Web Service API

Offered as a premium service package for TES subscribers, the Web Service API allows institutions to create equivalencies, evaluation tasks, and a customized public view outside of TES. The APIs provide a method of real-time data entry when it comes to building equivalencies in both TES and an external system. If a real-time integration is not required, the option to export/import equivalencies built-in TES into an external system is also available.

Learn more and see a demo.

uAchieve API

CollegeSource also provides the uAchieve API—a library of tools uAchieve subscribers can use to retrieve and manipulate uAchieve data for custom development projects and business needs.

PeopleSoft T-Rex for Transferology

Our innovative Transfer Rule Extractor (T-Rex) connects with PeopleSoft to obtain transfer rules for use in Transferology. Transfer rules are loaded into Transferology once a week through a quick and easy process that eliminates the need for flat file imports.

Ellucian Student Information System

CollegeSource is a proud partner of Ellucian, Ethos Certified, and has 20+ years of experience with real-time Banner and Colleague integration. uAchieve offers real-time integration with Ellucian’s Colleague and Banner student information system in three ways: Ethos, JDBC, and RESTful Web Services.

PeopleSoft Student Information System

CollegeSource has offered a real-time integration with uAchieve and PeopleSoft for over 20 years. The integration utilizes JDBC or web services (REST/JSON) connectivity for PeopleSoft data retrieval.

Homegrown/Other Student Information Systems

In addition to Ellucian and PeopleSoft, uAchieve provides real-time integration with homegrown student information systems and third-party systems such as Jenzabar, Workday, CAMS, and more. uAchieve integrates with any student information system using Java-based interfaces. It is designed to integrate with an institution’s user management systems and a single sign-on solution for user authentication and authorization.

uAchieve Transcript Importer, uAchieve Transfer Articulation, and Electronic Transcripts

uAchieve Transcript Importer eliminates manual processing by automating the entry and evaluation of PESC-XML formatted transcripts. This provides increased accuracy and reduced turnaround time. The official transcript evaluation can be available in minutes instead of days, helping colleges devote resources elsewhere.

Pre-5.0 integrations

uAchieve 5.0 is required to take advantage of the integrations described above for TES + uAchieve Transfer Articulation, TES + uAchieve Planner, and uAchieve Degree Audit + uAchieve Planner. Users of earlier releases of uAchieve can still benefit from the integration between Transferology + uAchieve Degree Audit, uAchieve Planner + uAchieve Schedule Builder, uAchieve Degree Audit + uAchieve Planner (described below), and uAchieve and the noted Student Information Systems. They can also utilize the uAchieve API.

uAchieve Degree Audit + uAchieve Planner

Within earlier releases, the uAchieve Planner validates courses in students’ plans against existing uAchieve Degree Audit data to make sure courses meet degree requirements to define a clear path to graduation. Students can use existing degree requirements or term-by-term roadmaps to build their own personal plans, helping them stay on track to meet their educational goals. The creation of term-by-term plans in turn provides the school with aggregate data needed for demand analysis and classroom scheduling.

From credit transfer to completion

“We heavily rely on Transferology for students and staff looking to see how courses will transfer to the University of Minnesota. We also utilize TES as our main tool for evaluating all transfer courses against University of Minnesota Twin Cities courses. The TES workflow is used to send transfer course descriptions and syllabi to faculty approvers which are then evaluated for direct equivalency. Our transfer rules within uAchieve are updated with equivalency decisions so that our degree audits accurately reflect what transfer rules have been created at our university. By using these online tools, our students and staff have an efficient, streamlined process to request transfer course evaluations and then receive a decision in a timely manner, which positively impacts their overall experience at our university.”

Stephanie Sutton
Associate Director, Degree Audit, QA, TES & Athletic Academic Eligibility, at University of Minnesota Twin Cities

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