Provide personalized transfer information with Transferology®

With Transferology, the nationwide transfer network and recruitment tool, your institution can give students quick answers around the clock about how their courses will transfer.


Help students make educated decisions

Advisors, students, and parents use Transferology to instantly see how college-level coursework, as well as standardized exams (including AP, CLEP, and International Baccalaureate), and military courses and occupations, may transfer to institutions in the network.

Free for students

Transferology assists prospective transfer students by intuitively displaying school matches sorted by those that may accept the most course credit. With a free account, students get a fast and easy way to explore personalized options.

Save your staff time

Making equivalencies public saves your staff time spent on pre-advisement. With Transferology, you can proactively evaluate transfer scenarios, enable students to self-serve, and reduce call and email volume.

Membership is easy

Joining the network is quick and straightforward. Equivalencies stored in TES® or uAchieve® Degree Audit will appear automatically in Transferology, but any school can participate through equivalency imports.

Assist enrolled students with transfer answers, too

In addition to showing prospective students how their coursework transfers to your institution, Transferology provides course matches for students already enrolled at your institution who may find themselves needing to take a course elsewhere. The “Find a Replacement Course” feature allows students to search for courses to take at another school based on the courses needed to complete their degree at the school they currently attend.


Streamline staff workflow with TES® integration

More powerful together

Together, Transferology and TES ease the routing of courses and proposed equivalencies to faculty for evaluation. Users can initiate the review of unarticulated courses, standardized exams, and military credits from within the Transferology Lab, sending them directly to the Evaluation Tracker workflow in TES. Transfer guides and articulation agreements created in TES are also automatically imported into Transferology for display.

Give students the bigger picture

“Transferology really allows our Admissions office to engage with students and give them a bigger picture of the path ahead. I also love the idea that courses can be submitted via TES through Transferology and the sharing of course bundles. It has really increased the flow of information between Admissions and Registrars. It is a great tool that allows for potential students to really get a picture of how their credits will transfer to another institution.”

Chelsey Penkala
Assistant Registrar at Marquette University

Illinois is leading the way

Customer success story

A way to communicate transfer agreement information was needed, and so began the trailblazing journey of the state of Illinois to centralize and publicize transfer information to students with the help of Transferology. Illinois is currently the nation’s leader in bachelor’s degree completion rates among community college students transferring to four-year schools.


Students are ready to make moves

Since our network’s launch, more than 1.9 million students from all 50 states and 202 countries have searched to see how their courses transfer. Get started now so your institution can provide transfer credit information to students on Transferology.

Features you’ll love

Transferology includes intuitive features that help students, parents, and advisors make educated decisions when transferring credit, a crucial part of the academic journey for transfer students. Additionally, the staff-facing portal, Transferology Lab, was designed for college and university employees and has powerful tools for specific groups such as administrators, equivalency managers, and advisors.

Transfer answers, quick!

Transferology’s easy-to-use web app interface allows students to see where their courses may transfer in no time. Responsive design makes information accessible on the go, including on desktop, tablet, or mobile.

Connect with qualified leads

Students can submit questions or request more information from your institution directly through Transferology, connecting staff with prospective students.

Promote your school

Embed one of our referral badges on your website which, when clicked, ensures your institution is at the top of the results list. When students create an account through an institution’s referral link, that school will be automatically added to their Favorites.

Get useful feedback

Grow your transfer articulation intelligently. Powerful reports identify student coursework for which you have not yet established equivalencies.

Common transfer scenarios

With Course Bundles, staff can build bundles of coursework that represent common transfer scenarios and reference them for advising.

Transfer agreements

Transfer Pathways allow students to explore transfer options between schools to take advantage of partnership agreements and attend classes that are not only transferable, but applicable to a real educational goal.

Accessible design

Transferology ensures product accessibility for users who are blind or have low vision, including screen-reader and keyboard navigation. Students can select between three visual themes: Light, Dark, and High Contrast.

Boost school searches

Institutions can create up to 5 one-word alias “tags” to help make their school more searchable by students. Tags can include abbreviations, nicknames, or even mascot names (BULLDOGS).

Pays for itself

Recruiting just one transfer student with Transferology can more than justify the entire year’s subscription!

Fast facts about Transferology:


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views of credit match details

Using this product provides a better student experience than articulation agreements and it allows our university to share articulation information with prospective students without having to build a custom tool.
Students find the school(s) they have attended and add their courses. Transferology provides them with a ranked list of participating schools that accept their transfer credit.
Course Bundles can help college staff provide more efficient student advisement. Automatically create pre-named bundles from advising & recruiting leads. Have students’ transfer coursework readily available for more informative and interactive sessions.

Empower students to self-serve

Joining the network allows you to begin pre-advising students by way of—the web-based tool available for free to inquiring students around the clock. Take advantage of this efficient, time-saving way to give students the answers they are looking for!

Training and support

Get training on Transferology’s user roles and functions at our topical webinar demonstrations. View Transferology demos at the link below to browse upcoming webinar dates and register for one that meets your needs.

NEW! Transferology Administrator Certification

We are introducing the all-new Transferology Administrator Certification, which will be available as a pre-conference track at our annual conference this June 17-20, 2024. Join us to be part of the very first cohort of certified Transferology Administrators, while enjoying all the perks of the conference!

Regularly-hosted webinar topics

    • Transferology Lab Training: Displaying Programs
    • Transferology Lab Training: Creating Transfer Pathways
    • Transferology Lab Training: Using Course Bundles for Student Advisement
    • Transferology Lab Training: Grow Your Equivalencies
    • Transferology Lab Training: An Introduction to the School Administrator Role
    • Transferology Lab’s TES Integration: Gain Increased Efficiency in Course Evaluation
Other resources

Help documentation for Transferology is available on the Support Center and is designed to help users in a step-by-step format including screenshots and links to related articles for easy navigation. Additionally, users can maximize their skills by attending training sessions at our annual conference.

Join a live demonstration

Register for one of our free webinars hosted regularly below. Our introductory sessions demonstrate Transferology in action, followed by Q&A with a product expert. We also host topical sessions focused on user roles, functions, or product updates. If you’d rather tune in right now, check out our on-demand demos.

Cost-effective subscription pricing

Transferology is the cost-effective solution you need to drive student success. Optimize your institution’s transfer process with ease thanks to our budget-friendly subscription model. Our pricing is tailored to fit your specific college or university’s student enrollment, making it simple to plan and allocate resources. As a member of the Transferology network, you will benefit from seamless integration with TES, the Transfer Evaluation System, and can get started in just a few days. Your students will enjoy a hassle-free transfer experience with free account creation in Transferology and immediate access to transfer results.


Talk to a human

Our expert sales team is here to guide you every step of the way, whether you are ready to join the Transferology network or have questions about which of our transfer solutions is right for you. Contact us with pricing inquiries, to request a custom demo, or let us know what information we can provide to help you make an informed decision.

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