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Champion transfer with streamlined efficiency

Building, maintaining, and publicizing equivalency information has never been easier with TES and Transferology. Only CollegeSource’s transfer solutions are backed by a digital catalog collection of more than 140 million course descriptions, 170,000 catalogs, and 27 million user-created equivalencies.


Simplify your transfer process

Integrating these seamless tools into the transfer evaluation and recruiting functions has proven effective for countless institutions, small and large, including system-wide adoption in Minnesota, Illinois, Ohio, Nebraska, Kentucky, California, Wisconsin, Colorado, and more. 

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Manage transfer credit articulation from A to Z

Hailed as a beloved tool by Higher Ed transfer professionals, TES, the Transfer Evaluation System, is the premier interactive resource for course data and transfer articulation. TES is an all-in-one transfer solution empowering users to research transfer credit, track evaluations, manage equivalencies, and communicate the results to the public.

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Provide personalized transfer information

Transferology is the nationwide network and recruitment tool that provides students with personalized answers about where and how their college credit will count. By being a member, schools are given a national presence for student recruitment and an easy-to-use venue for sharing transfer articulation information.

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Get the college catalog information you need

CollegeSource Online is the first and only comprehensive collection of college catalog and course data and has more than 172,000 college catalogs available at your fingertips in seconds.

Record and publicize evaluations with TES®

“Between 2016 and ’19, we changed from quarters to semesters, which meant that we needed to be able to extend all of those previous articulations to our semester catalog… TES has been extremely valuable to us in being able to do that because it provides a permanent record for every evaluation that we have. We don’t have to redo evaluations… We’re able to use the same system to receive requests from advisors and then once the evaluation has been completed, we can use the public view site to be able to record it for any student that wants to look at it, as well as any advisor from any other school that also wants to look at it. I cannot imagine doing my job as an articulation officer without TES, the Transfer Evaluation System, by CollegeSource.”

Kyle Burch
Articulation Officer at California State University, East Bay

More powerful together

CollegeSource products are developed to integrate with one another and third-party solutions seamlessly. See how they work together to make an even bigger impact on student success at your institution.