And the uAchievement Award Winners are…

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Throughout the week at our Annual Conference, CollegeSource’s Client Advisory Board (CAB) sponsored the uAchievement Awards. This competition challenged uAchieve users to put their best degree audits on display for conference attendees to vote on which institution had the best audit for any given category.
Degree Audit Contest Winners
We are pleased to announce the winners for the following categories below. Check out the submissions as well as the audits themselves:
Most Student-Friendly
WINNER: Humboldt State University
Submitted by: Mike Bradley, Dale Sanford, Jenni Robinson, and Lianne Montano
Description: “Pretty PDF” is our remake of the vanilla PDF that came with the planner. This PDF upgrade gives a vibrant semester by semester snapshot of the student’s plan. The PDF highlights formatting. Inactive courses noted (F’18, Math 11S), prereqs displayed (SP’19 Math 109). “Not typically offered” warning displays (F’l9 art 100). Plan messages highlighted in yellow (SP’19, discuss with advisor). Total unit summaries after each term. This snapshot allows a quick, readable and precise picture of any issues with the plan so the student can proactively resolve their plan.
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Best Website/Handout to Explain Degree Audit
WINNER: Lehigh University
Submitted by: Ashley Baker and Allen Taylor
Description: We believe that these guides are winners because they cover all aspects of the degree audit for both students and advisors. When we launched the uAchieve degree audit in 2017, we included these links in all campus communications and received positive feedback on the thoroughness. We held audit demonstration sessions across campus that had minimal attendance since all pertinent information was included in our user guides. We strongly believe that these detailed guides eliminated several questions that we would have received had we not taken the time to carefully construct the manuals.
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Most Innovative
WINNER: Humboldt State University
Submitted by: Mike Bradley, Dale Sanford, Jenni Robinson, and Lianne Montano
Description: “Planner Audit” features suspended and inactive course warning. This identifies suspended and/or inactive courses the student selected for their plan. This feature will give the student early warning that their selection is not available. Giving the student early notice will ensure they make another selection. This helps the student and ensures accurate data collection for forecast planning.
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Best Graduation Progress Tracking
WINNER: Ivy Tech Community College
Submitted by: Drew Lurker
Description: As part of a project to help students track progress towards a credential more accurately, help the Ivy Tech to identify degrees student earn without notifying the college, and help our Campus Registrars with the posting of credentials, Ivy Tech Community College has made several improvements to the degree auditing system to address these issues. The primary enhancements were to the batch auditing system including a method of running every enrolled student against every current curricula, the addition of the ability to run both Learner and Outcome records in uAchieve, and the addition of sequence number to the audit header.
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Best Legend
WINNER: Baylor University
Submitted by: Dina Bailey
Description: The Audit Legend helps students understand what some of those “funny codes” mean, which means fewer calls to advisors to ask them about it. We were also the only ones who submitted an entry for the Audit Legend, making us the winner by default. Let’s improve our legends for next year and have a real contest!
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Looking for more information on the above audits? Email Jennifer Wright at [email protected].