Another Reason to Get ‘Attached’ to TES®

by | Jun 4, 2014 | Product announcements

TES now includes support for attaching evaluation documents. Yes, if you have been waiting for the ability to attach syllabi and other supporting materials to evaluation tasks, your day has come!
The process is pretty straightforward. When you create an evaluation task in TES you will see a section labeled “Support Files,” along with some on-screen controls for selecting files to be attached. Files must be PDFs less than 4mb in size.
Another Reason to Get 'Attached' to TES®
Attached files will only be visible to you and others who are assigned to the task. Because many syllabi are proprietary and/or specific to section-level instances of a course, they will not be shown in general searches.
Files will be retained for a reasonable length of time, but not indefinitely. They will certainly remain as long as the task is open and for at least six months afterward. Eventually, these supporting docs will be pruned to recover storage space.