Beginner’s Guide to Reaching Transfer Students Using Transferology

by | Nov 14, 2017 | Training

3 Ways to Maximize your Transferology Purchase! Reach more transfer students!
Transferology assists advisors, students, and parents in making educated decisions when transferring credit. Students can enter coursework and immediately see how credits transfer to member institutions. Here are 3 strategic ways to maximize your Transferology subscription:

#1 Get Discovered (& Stay Competitive) Utilizing the Popular Courses Report

Popular Courses is a report that displays the courses students want to transfer to your institution, with the most searched courses listed first. By focusing on which courses students are actually taking and transferring from a particular feeder school, as opposed to guessing (i.e., choosing from the whole catalog or looking for general studies indicators), you can use this list to build fewer rules that reach more students. As a result, you actively push your institution to the top of search results. Defining rules for even the top 20, 30, or 50 student queries in the Popular Courses report for a specific feeder school will provide answers for the majority of the transfer traffic from that school.

#2 Save Advisors Time with Replacement Courses

Transferology isn’t only for students looking to transfer their credits to another school. How often do your students ask if a course offered at another school will transfer back for credit? How often do classes reach capacity so you recommend a student pick it up somewhere else to stay on track? The Find a Replacement Course function helps address these reverse transfer scenarios. Students can browse the courses you’ve said will transfer “back” to your institution for credit. Encourage current students to use Transferology to find courses to pick up over the summer, to find an alternative if your classes are full, or if they need to save money and take a class somewhere else.

#3 Control the Conversation with Referral Links and Badges

If your school is part of the Transferology network, we’ve provided some marketing tools so you can Promote Your School. And you should! Students will visit your website, social media pages, and contact you about transferring. If students are searching for answers, it’s important your institution is visible in the results. By default, when a student visits, school matches are displayed from highest to lowest match percentage. To ensure your school has top visibility among those in a list of school matches, use your Student Referral Link or a Student Referral Badge. It guarantees your school the top spot in the search results and hides all other schools.
The Referral Link is a unique URL you can use to hyperlink text or use in ads. Here are a few examples:

The Referral Badge is another great option; it combines an image with the referral link. When students click the referral link or badge image, they will see your institution at the top of their match results, regardless of the percentage of matching courses you offer.

Are there other ways you’re leveraging Transferology? Let us know in the comments!