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by | Nov 4, 2022 | News, Training

Improved navigation to TES help documentation

In May 2022, CollegeSource conducted a user feedback survey to assess TES Administrators’ impressions of the new TES Support Center knowledge base. The goal was to use feedback from this survey to continuously improve the knowledge base and better provide institutions with the information they need to use TES effectively. At the 2022 CollegeSource Conference session “TES Documentation: What You Use, What You Want,” we sought similar feedback from attendees and shared insights from the recently conducted survey. (Registrants can still watch the session recording through November.) 

We were happy to see that 81.4% of survey respondents had a positive or really positive impression of the documentation. Respondents felt it was easy to use, clear, and thorough. As we continue to grow the knowledge base, our goal will be to ensure that documentation always meets these standards. 

Feedback from the survey suggested that most visitors access the documentation through the Support Center, instead of searching for articles via the Help beacon located at the bottom corner of each page of TES. Feedback also indicated that users needed help locating the articles they required. With this in mind, we have taken steps to improve the navigation within the TES Support Center. 

What’s new

Articles have been organized into categories that will help you locate the information you need more easily.  

How it works

You can access the Support Center through or the link above. You will note on your next visit that you can now use category titles to find articles more quickly. 

Previously, the contents of the User Manual were organized so that when you selected one of its category names (“Search,” “Track,” “Match,” “Manage”), you would see a list of articles for all the functionality within that menu in TES. If you were looking for articles about creating evaluation tasks, for example, you would select the appropriate menu item and browse through the list of article names pertaining to actions within it.

Now, the User Manual is divided into four separate sections: 

  1. Using Search
  2. Using Track
  3. Using Match
  4. Using Manage

To find articles on creating evaluation tasks, you would select the below heading under “Using Search”:


All the articles on this topic will appear:


This is just one of the changes we have in mind to make navigating the TES Support Center knowledge base easier. Stay tuned for more improvements!  

If you are searching for articles through the Help beacon, and not using the TES Support Center to navigate, you can still easily locate these by entering keywords and phrases into the search. 

As always, we welcome and appreciate any feedback. We are here to support you and the work you do to help students transfer. Please contact Sarah Hatfield at [email protected] with feedback about the TES Support Center and its help articles. Not seeing something you need? Let us know!


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