CollegeSource Goes Live with Transferology™

by | Mar 31, 2014 | Press releases, Product announcements

CollegeSource Goes Live with Transferology™Cincinnati, Ohio- CollegeSource is proud to announce the launch of Transferology, a new hosted solution providing course transfer information to the higher education community. Transferology is a nation-wide network that allows transfer students to quickly and easily see how their college courses will be accepted by other institutions within the network. Additionally, Transferology provides colleges and universities with the ability to both recruit students and publicize transfer articulation nationally.
A little over three years ago CollegeSource had an idea to develop a user-friendly product that would provide students and staff at higher education institutions across the country with transfer credit information at their fingertips. Dale Peters, the Vice President of Product Development for CollegeSource said, “Based on evidence in the usage patterns of, our legacy product in this space, the way institutions of higher education traditionally think about transfer articulations does not always make sense to students. We made the decision very early in the design process to separate the student experience from the needs of advisors and staff. So we’re actually launching two new tools simultaneously: Transferology (for students) and Transferology Lab (for advisors and staff).”
Transferology is a free service for students. After creating an account, a student can enter coursework information to see how previously taken credit will apply to the school of their choice or other institutions in the area. In addition to promoting college-to-college equivalencies, Transferology also provides information on transfer of military occupations and courses, advanced placement courses, and college level exams.
“With years of success in providing degree audit and transfer evaluation solutions, CollegeSource was uniquely suited to create such a groundbreaking product. With Transferology, a student can compare hundreds of institutions in a few seconds to determine which schools have established transfer matches for his or her prior learning experiences.” – Troy Holaday, President of CollegeSource
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