CollegeSource Is Getting a Fresh, New Look!

by | Dec 9, 2016 | Community news, Product announcements

As you may have already noticed, we are introducing an updated version of our CollegeSource logo! Along with updating our corporate logo, we are rolling out corresponding logos for our products: TES, Transferology, and uAchieve. Our main objective was to create a unified brand identity with a cohesive look, feel, and experience across all of our product and brand touch-points.
This new family of logos uses a consistent typeface with unique icons for each brand item. Each product also has an assigned color palette that you will see throughout the product interface and in support, training, and marketing materials.
Introducing a new look takes a lot of work; it won’t all happen overnight. Over the next several months you will see us transition to the new logos. In January (exact date TBD) both the TES and Transferology websites will be updated. The uAchieve logo will be implemented within the 4.4 release, along with the slight modification of capitalizing the A and removing the period in the name. (We feel this gives the brand more “presence” and makes it appear more up-to-date.) The uAchieve applications have seen, and will continue to see major improvements in ease of installation. Because of these changes and our desire to present a simpler, more cohesive brand, we have decided to drop the use of the names and u.achieve Suite, replacing them with a modular approach that brands the components of the product under the single name, uAchieve. For, this means moving to the more descriptive uAchieve Planner.
We realize that just as it is taking us some time to introduce the new logos and convert all of our materials going forward, it will take you some time as well to get used to the change. We do not expect you to update any documents you might have, such as localized training materials, overnight. We hope, however, that you will appreciate the benefits of this improved branding approach and look and join with us in utilizing it as soon as you feel comfortable. If you have any questions about these changes, please contact us.

Without further ado…the new logos!

CollegeSource Logos


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