CollegeSource Launches Degree Discovery with Latest Version of uAchieve Degree Audit Solution

by | Mar 11, 2020 | Press releases, Product announcements


Saddleback College Uncovers More Than 1700 New Completed Degrees and Certificates in Hours with CollegeSource’s New Cloud-Based Audit Add-On Service

SAN DIEGOMarch 10, 2020 – CollegeSource, the higher education industry’s most trusted SaaS provider of transfer and degree achievement solutions, today officially launched its latest version of uAchieve Degree Audit including its newest addition – Degree Discovery. Designed as an add-on service, Degree Discovery gives higher education administrative staff the ability to uncover and award new completed degrees or certificates by rapidly performing millions of audits against their catalogs and students’ course credits earned.

Saddleback College, a public community college in Mission Viejo, Calif., and part of the California Community College system, is an early adopter of Degree Discovery. The institution began using CollegeSource’s cloud-based uAchieve Degree Audit solution in 2018, which ensures that students receive accurate, complete, and personalized information regarding course requirements for achieving their educational goals. Through Degree Discovery, Saddleback College successfully awarded more than 1700 new degrees and certificates in the Spring of 2019 based on 228 institution-wide programs. In addition, since the new Student-Centered Funding Formula (SCFF) for the California Community Colleges includes a significant portion for degree and award completion, this had helped boost Saddleback’s budgetary prospects as well.

“Thanks to our collaboration with CollegeSource and with our auto-award project, we increased our Spring 2019 Associate Degree completions by 52 percent and all awards by 40 percent,” said James Feigert, registrar, Saddleback College. “This has allowed a significant number of students to actually leave our college with a degree who otherwise would not have earned one. This capability is invaluable in terms of time and resources for our institution.”

In addition to Degree Discovery, also new to uAchieve is Transcript Importer, an add-on module that automates the process of entering transcript course data into uAchieve. Staff previously charged with manually adding transfer courses to individual student records can now expedite the process, reduce risk of human error, and deliver timely transfer evaluations to prospective students.

“The reality today is that the majority of colleges and universities have a plurality of students walking around with degrees outside their department or major that neither they nor the institution have recognized,” said Troy Holaday, president, CollegeSource. “With the latest version of uAchieve and Degree Discovery, we can remove roadblocks and empower institutions as well as students through accurate, complete and personalized information to help accelerate their paths to graduation.”

uAchieve is an online degree audit system that allows students and advisors to track progress toward degree completion while highlighting the remaining courses and requirements needed to graduate. A cloud-based solution, uAchieve ensures both students and the institution have accurate, complete, and personalized information for achieving their educational goals in a more stable, secure and cost-friendly environment. Today more than 100 colleges and universities utilize uAchieve Degree Audit to help support their students’ goals.

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